Wedding Photography FAQ’s

What is your style of photography?

My style is reportage or photo journalism photography.  However, I do understand the importance of formal and portrait photography.


Which areas do you cover?

I am based in London but I cover all of the UK and Worldwide.


Do you charge travel expenses?

All travel costs are included within the London M25. For places outside these areas I will have to charge an additional fee (usually the cost of Fuel). If I could not return to London comfortably on the same day I may have to charge for hotel accommodation. For weddings abroad, All travel and living expenses will need to be charged. I will, of course, endeavour to keep these additional costs as Low as I possibly can.


Our wedding is going to be in more than one location, is that ok?

That is completely fine. However, please bear in mind that travelling from one place to another takes time and it could affect the total number of photographs.


Are there any hidden costs involved?

No. The final quote is the price you pay.


Are your prices inclusive of VAT?



How will you supply the photos?

All the photos will be digitally edited and supplied on a high-resolution DVD ready to print.


How long will it take for me to get my photos?

The editing process usually takes from 2 to 4 weeks but it could take a bit longer during peak season. I will be able to advise you when you can expect the photos.


How long do you keep our digital files for?

I never delete my digital files. I have them saved on my computer and on an external drive. I am always making a backup of them.


Could we meet before I book you?

Yes. If you live too far away from London, we could contact via Skype or MSN.


When should I book you?

My advice is to book me as soon as you have the wedding date ready. Most of the weddings are on Saturdays and I only photograph one wedding per day.


Can you save the date for me?

I’m only able to save the date by the payment of a deposit. As soon as you pay the deposit, the date is yours.


Do I need to supply you with food?

I don’t expect you to provide food but if you’re happy to offer, I would gladly accept it.